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Why Choose Valet?

Valet is a Division of a Quality Australian Company.

Before you choose your Valet System, you will likely want to understand the company and network of Dealers that will supply you with the product.

The range of quality home products are brought to you by Ness Corporation, Australia’s Largest designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of electronic security products Established in 1972, Ness remains essentially a family based company dedicated to quality products, service and most importantly a commitment to YOU the ultimate customer.

Ness is probably better known for its profile and innovation in developing and manufacturing leading security products for both Australia and its many export markets.

However, Ness manufactures many diverse products for many well known companies, often on an OEM basis. For example, Ness, since 1998 had designed and manufactured for Valet, the range of Valet branded and System One branded home intercom systems.

In relation to the Valet Vacuum Systems, while this is a relatively new range for Ness, the majority of these products are manufactured for Ness in accordance with Ness’s quality demands by a US family based manufacturer that was established over 50 years ago and has a long standing relationship with key Ness management.

All other Valet products are either manufactured by Ness or by long term reliable suppliers in accordance with the Ness exacting standards and requirements.

Valet is a divison of Ness Corporation an Australian owned company.

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