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Music & Video Intercom Systems

System One intercom systems give you the convenience of a multi-station intercom system with AM/FM radio, & music distributed throughout the house. Models are now also available with DAB+ digital radio.

With the added security of Front Door Answering and a Colour Video System you can see who is at the front and monitor additional cameras around the house.

This combination of convenience and security makes System One the best in home communications and home video/automation systems. And it is Australian owned, designed and manufactured.

Our Hikvision video intercom is an Easy Install video intercom kit with quality video and crisp clear audio.

Our wireless intercoms offer a large choice of models for all applications, iCentral wireless intercoms are available in DECT long-range, 3G unlimited range, Multi-apartment series and even a WiFi video intercom with a smartphone app.
iCentral wireless intercoms are the solution for long range intercom installations in remote locations, rural, large properties, even to solve missing cable issues.